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There's a future in need of a frame

The Human Impact Framework helps purpose-driven difference-makers align their impact with their purpose. 

It's your impact that makes a difference, not your purpose


The Human Impact Framework (HIF)

Our flagship tool, the HIF, is a beautiful one-page, personalized infographic that serves as a catalyst for personal and organizational growth. It empowers you to articulate your intentions for impact on others and yourself, helping you activate your higher purpose, develop strategies, build your brand, and create a positive and conscious culture.


Certification and Training

Become a Certified HIF Guide and unlock the full potential of the framework. Our comprehensive training program equips coaches, consultants, facilitators, and leaders with the tools and knowledge to integrate the HIF into their practices. Join our community of like-minded professionals and enhance your impact as a trusted guide.


Partnerships and Collaborations

 By partnering us, you have the opportunity to implement Human Impact Thinking and Design in your organization or community while you contribute to a growing base of research that helps others like you to activate their purpose. You'll also be contributing to a more equitable and conscious world by enabling free access to the framework for not-for-profit agencies and underserved communities. 

What we offer

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Re-humanizing Impact

Do you ever feel like conventional approaches to impact are missing something? We do too. Let's recalibrate. And this time, let's include all humans at the heart of impact. 

 We lost the plot when we started treating impact a long-term, disembodied result. It's not only an ends, it's also a means. No matter the scale or type of impact you're after, your journey will be forged by moments of human impact.


Your people are ready for this. They need it, you need them. And rehumanizing our approach to impact might just be what the world needs from us all. 

Conscious Human Impact is all about the context of the moment for the humans who share it

Watch Janna's TEDx to learn how Impact is a Context Sport

"Purpose is the difference you want to make.
Impact is the difference you actually make.
Legacy is the lasting difference you leave behind."

Janna Jorgensen, HIF Creator

How you can use Human Impact Thinking and Design

Human Impact Thinking and Design is a powerful approach to strategy, innovation and collaboration.  It is informed by many other disciplines and approaches including Human-Centered Design, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Appreciative Inquiry. 

The master design canvas of Human Impact Thinking and Design is the Human Impact Framework, a sense-making and action-taking tool that helps you tell the whole story of impact, including the half that usually gets left out. 

Since 2018, purpose-driven organizations and individuals have been using Human Impact Thinking and Design to:


Amplify Your Impact

Couple internal wellbeing with external impact for truly transformative and sustainable results

Chat Bubble

Deepen your Story of Impact

Add new levels of meaning that factor you into the story as a benevolent force that tips fortune in the favor of others


Build Better Strategy

Put humans at the center of your strategy and brand in a radically new way


Build a Culture of Connection

Invite people to co-create an environment for intentional and natural thriving 


Supercharge Innovation

Leverage the experience of impact to co-create better solutions


Activate your Values

Align with your shared values with everyone's natural desire to make a positive difference 

"I love the human impact framework, it’s complex yet simple and holistic. It captures all of where we are coming from and growing towards on one page."

Dr. Michelle Scheepers, MD

Board Chair, Penticton Regional Hospital Medical Staff Association

Who we Serve

Purpose-driven Businesses & Organizations 

If you're passionate about making a difference but struggle to translate purpose into impactful strategies, we are here to help. The HIF will help you align your purpose, strategy, and impact, empowering you to create positive change within your organization and beyond.

Research Partners

Collaborate with us to advance research on human impact, organizational dynamics, and the effectiveness of the HIF. Together, we can contribute to the knowledge base in the field and drive evidence-based insights. We allow partnering institutions and organizations to open-source all knowledge, resources, and materials that result from our collaborations. 

Leaders & Teams within Organizations and Communities

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Improve connection, collaboration, and clarity within your teams. The HIF provides a common language and framework for building connected, purpose-driven cultures, enabling you to manage energy and navigate change with greater confidence.

Support the people behind your mission by co-creating and designing your future in a way that includes all voices, including those who you aim to most directly impact. The HIF can help you give everyone a voice as you explore the best of what is, what was, and what could be. 

Coaches, Consultants & Facilitators

Enhance your toolbox with the HIF and boost your clients' impact. Use our basic HIF for free, or consider our certification program, which equips you with the skills and knowledge to guide others in unlocking their full potential and fostering conscious impact.

Inter-agency Collaboratives

The HIF supports larger-scale, social impact efforts by complementing rather than replacing the existing frameworks that already work well, such as Collective Impact. The HIF can help you nagivate inter-agency dynamics and build a bridge between what happens in real-time with larger scale impacts over-time. 


Impact over Purpose

Your higher purpose has a soul. It is unique to you, comes from a "good" place, and is linked to your sense of meaning, direction and fulfillment. 

You're likely to have several purposes or versions of purpose over your lifetime, if you're lucky enough to find them.

But having a purpose is not enough. If you have a purpose you need to have an impact.


Impact is the key that unlocks your purpose. 


Having a purpose but not an impact leaves people feeling miserable and frustrated.


And not knowing your purpose leads to existential angst. 


We think it's time to focus on impact (the difference you actually make) over purpose (the difference you want to make).  Ideally we need both working together, but the only path to that is to through conscious impact.  

You're having an impact all the time, but are you having the impact you want?

Conscious impact bridges purpose and legacy.  It unlocks a greater sense of wellbeing, connection, meaning, and significance.


And if you're still searching for purpose, you might just find it in the impact you make. 

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