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Make your impact mean something more

The Human Impact Framework is a holistic tool that helps individuals, teams, and organizations
amplify their impact

When was the last time you spoke to a person or organization who felt great about the difference they are making?

When you encounter them, they feel different. Better, healthier, more focused. 

They have come to their senses. 


They refuse to treat impact as a one-way, disembodied thing. They know that impact between humans is experienced and it actually flows both ways. Impact is exchanged like a currency, not produced like a commodity. And it plays out dynamically, moment-by-moment, within a context that constantly evolves. 

The Human Impact Framework (HIF), a meaning-making and action-taking tool to help individuals and organizations move from purpose to impact more effectively and naturally. It helps to close the knowing and doing gap by bridging intended impacts over time with actual impacts at critical points in-time. It increases clarity, creates momentum, and restores balance. And it does so in a way that embraces the full humanity of the experience for the humans at the heart of impact. 

Find out more about how the HIF can help you amplify your impact today!


"Purpose is the difference you want to make.
Impact is the difference you actually make." 
- Janna Jorgensen, Creator of the Human Impact Framework


You're having an impact all the time


The question is, are you having the impact you want?


Your higher purpose has a soul

Your purpose is unique to you, comes from a "good" place, and is linked to having a sense and source of direction, meaning, and fulfilment.


This is all great, but please hear this; having a purpose is not enough. Having a purpose but not an impact leaves people feeling miserable and frustrated.


And worse, not knowing your purpose provokes existential angst. 

Our point of view is that we think it's time to focus on impact (the difference you actually make) over purpose (the difference you want to make).  Ideally we need both working together in harmony, but the only path to that is to be disciplined about impact. 

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"I love the human impact framework concept, it’s complex yet simple and holistic. It captures all of where we are coming from and growing towards on one page."

Dr. Michelle Scheepers, MD

Board Chair, Penticton Regional Hospital Medical Staff Association

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