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Meet our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is comprised of high-impact consultants, coaches and facilitators. All are certified as HIF Guides and has their own area of expertise.

Individuals looking for their own customized HIF can book a free 30 minute consultation with the HIF Guide of their choice.  


Organizations, teams and communities looking to explore the HIF can book a consultation directly with Janna at 

How we Work with You


During the free 30 minute consultation, our aim is to get acquainted and help you determine whether the HIF (and your chosen practitioner) is right for you. There will be no hard sales pitch during this conversation, and we are happy to share a full break-down of the cost, time and commitment with you during the call. 

If you decide to proceed, your HIF will typically take 3-4 sessions to develop, lasting approximately 2 hours each. These are normally conducted online via Zoom or Teams platforms. Your practitioner will be working between the sessions to capture your input and develop your HIF.  It typically takes 4 - 6 weeks to complete this process - sometimes more or less - depending upon several variables such as your clarity of purpose, desired impacts, current business model, and scheduling/availability parameters. 

"The Human Impact Framework is seriously a game changer. I think every organization should do one before they do strategic planning."

Diane Bergeron, President, CNIB Guide Dogs and Treasurer, The World Blind Union

Organizations, teams and communities 


The HIF is great for anchoring or activating strategy, marketing or brand development, employee experience design, performance management, culture change, or team development.

All contracts in organizations, teams, and communities are run through ION Leadership Consulting Canada, owned and operated by Janna Jorgensen, HIF Creator. Please schedule a FREE consultation with Janna.  

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