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"Purpose is the difference you want to make.

Impact is the difference you actually make.

Legacy is the lasting impact you leave behind." 
 Janna Jorgensen, TEDx Speaker and Creator of the Human Impact Framework

We provide a framework that will help you create a meaningful impact and a lasting legacy 

The Human Impact Framework (HIF), a meaning-making and action-taking tool to help individuals and organizations move from purpose to impact to legacy more effectively and naturally. It helps to close the knowing and doing gap by bridging intended impacts over time with actual impacts at critical points in-time. It increases clarity, creates momentum, and restores balance. And it does so in a way that embraces the full humanity of the experience for the humans at the heart of impact. 

The HIF serves as a creative canvas for you to envision, experiment with, and excel at human impact. 

This is the BASIC Human Impact Framework Canvas, which you can start using today for FREE!

Why the HIF Works

Unlocks purpose 

There is a lock-and-key relationship between purpose and impact. Impact is the key that unlocks your purpose to give you a greater sense of direction, meaning and fulfilment. When you have a clear sense of purpose but not an impact, you feel frustrated and blocked. But when you have a purpose AND an impact you unlock your potential and get a greater sense of meaning, accomplishment and fulfilment.  

Adds context to purpose

The HIF starts with your purpose and goes deeper. It reveals who your purpose matters for, why it matters to them, your vision for their better future, and how you and/or your team can create incremental impacts at critical points in-time that will lead to greater impact over-time.  

Tells your story of impact


Every HIF tells an inspiring and unique story of impact.  Your story is revealed through a beautiful constellation of conversations that puts those you seek to impact as the protagonists, and you as a benevolent force that tips fortune in their favor at key stages of their journey. It represents your highest aspirations for making a difference in the world while you make a difference for yourself. 


Complements other approaches

Impact can happen many ways, at many scales, and over time. The HIF complements rather than replaces other trusted ways of generating, planning, measuring and evaluating impact. The HIF brings human-to-human, present-tense thinking to the party. It elevates the important of high-potential moments for impact. Futures are forged in these moments. The HIF provides a compelling framework that helps you more consistently anticipate, create and navigate these high-potential moments at critical points in-time, making it more likely that you can amplify your impact over-time.  

Individuals can start using the Basic Human Impact Framework for Individuals for FREE!

One size does NOT fit all

There are three versions of the Human Impact Framework (HIF) which vary slightly, depending upon who aims to have an impact.

HIF for Individuals

From our heart to yours, the self-guided Basic  Human Impact Framework for Individuals  is free! We do this to help resource those at the heart of impact. 

For those who want a more, a Certified HIF Guide can work with you to develop a more formal and strategic approach to impact. Find out more

HIF for Teams

Team Meeting

The HIF for Teams will help you gain clarity, confidence and alignment on how you generate an impact within your organization and for yourselves. In the process, you will learn about Human Impact Thinking and how it can help you improve your individual and collective levels of connection, focus, and well-being.     

Book a free discovery call to speak with the creator of the HIF to determine if it is a fit for you!

HIF for Organizations and Communities

Public Rental Bikes

"An organization can never generate or sustain an impact beyond the capacity of the people responsible for creating that impact without negatively impacting them."

Janna Jorgensen, HIF Creator

Whether your organization's or community's purpose centers on people, planet, or prosperity, it will ultimately achieve its desired transformations by working through people. 

The HIF for Organizations, Communities, and Systems* helps you reconcile your desired impact over time (and at scale) with the formative moments of impact at critical points in-time that enable you to build and co-create your ideal future. The HIF for organizations is developed iteratively over several cycles of inquiry, resulting in a useful tool from which to plan, build and learn. 

*Currently, the HIF for Organizations, Communities, and Systems can only be accessed by working with a Certified HIF Guide. Talk to someone today about bringing the HIF to work for you!

Power up with the
Human Impact Advantage

 Here are a few examples of how the HIF can super-charge your business, organization, or approach.

“The Human Impact Framework is so versatile! I used it to plan content and marketing for my book.”

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe,

Author, Positive Money

Money Mindset and Business Coach

glenda .png


Link your strategy with the thousands of moments that bring it to life

A strategy needs humans to bring it to life. The HIF is used as a potent add-on to help bridge the implementation gap.  It serves as a meaning-making and action-taking implementation key to help you and your organization anticipate, focus and learn during the peak moments and experiences that are essential to achieving long term results.


Ground your brand promise in the impacts you can actually deliver


The HIF is a powerful tool that helps you strike the right balance between aspirational and actual, as well as a blueprint for delivering on your brand promise. It helps you cut through the clutter, and boost your credibility over others who over-promise and under-deliver.

Concept Mapping

Map your concept or model to the impacts you hope to generate

The HIF can help your business align its customer service or client success model with its desired impact. This is an important aspect of business growth that is often overlooked, especially in complex systems and/or when multiple stakeholders are involved. For instance, the HIF can assist you in mapping out the impacts you wish to achieve through your book, podcast, program, or products and services.

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