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Amplify your impact as a coach, consultant, or facilitator  

Since its development in 2018 to its reinvention in 2021, the Human Impact Framework has been helping people and organizations build better cultures, strategies and innovations with impressive results. 

Good news! Any coach, consultant, or facilitator can use the BASIC HIF right now for free because we licensed it under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike International License. 

We made this decision to "open-source" the HIF and put it in your hands for a few reasons. First, we really just want people to be more conscious about their impact on themselves and others.  Second, there's no way we can possibly support the demand for the HIF on our own. And third, a world of better impact is a better world for all!

Fall 2023 HIF Certification is now open!

Maybe you're one of the coaches, consultants and/or facilitators who see the potential for the HIF to super-boost your own impact and stand out from the crowd? If so, check out the details on becoming HIF Certified below. 

When you become Certified HIF Guide you have the chance to become a big part of our future. Certified Guides are eligible to join our team on paid and volunteer projects as we grow our portfolio of impact in the world. This may include acting as a mentor to a new HIF Trainee, joining one of our "good works" project teams, or participate in larger scale human impact consulting and/or research initiatives.


Certified HIF Guides are pre-qualified to access future trainings such as the HIF for Teams, the HIF for Organizations, and The HIF for Thought Models. 

Training & Certification

Become a Certified Human Impact Framework Guide
Fall 2023 Oct 26 - Nov 16, 2023

  • Certified HIF Guide Program (USD)

    Perfect for people who coach, lead, or serve others
    • 5 Live Training Sessions (20 hours)
    • HIF Learning Guide
    • 6 hours of Drop-in Group Coaching (optional)
    • Professional Profile on HIF Website
    • Eligibility to join Leadership Team on Select HIF Projects
    • Certification Seal & Permission to use HIF Brand
    • Permission to Co-Brand with HIF
    • Access to Exclusive HIF Assets
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